Upcoming Pop Musician in the Los Angeles Area

Carys Garvey is a 17-year old, up-and-coming, singer-songwriter based in Ventura, California. Carys began her career performing covers while accompanying herself on piano and ukulele. She now focuses on writing, performing, and producing her own original songs, and is quickly becoming known for her artful melodies integrated with impassioned lyrics.​ 

With musical influences from the worlds of pop, jazz, rock, R&B, and classical, Carys’s style is not singular, but rather the result of myriad inspirations. Her goal when composing is to have her deepest thoughts, feelings and points of view expressed through song – instrumentally and lyrically – in order to convey these feelings to her listeners. Her first video release, “Barbie Doll,” exposes the pressures felt by young women to meet unrealistic expectations of physical perfection in the age of social media bombardment.



Music That Tells A Story

LOS ANGELES, CA – A young new voice from Ventura, California is not only grabbing the attention of new fans and music industry insiders alike, but is also bringing a timely message that is sure to empower young women all over the world.

Carys Garvey is a 17-year-old singer whose new single, “Barbie Doll,” is the ideal display of her unique voice and original writing style. The innovative, clean production begins with ukulele paired perfectly with her warm, ethereal voice for a laid-back, summer feel, reminiscent of artists like Colbie Caillat. As the song progresses, the mood intensifies with booming bass, modern percussion, and layered vocal harmonies. The lyrics talk about the pressures put on women in today’s American society to fit a certain mold. Carys encourages young women to love the skin they’re in and ignore the condemnation of an often shallow society that tells them they have to look a certain way to be pretty.



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